Coming In For A Landing...

It takes only about a day before the feeder is completely empty... It certainly doesn't take them very long to figure out that the feeder is stocked and as soon as that happens, there is a bunch of birds!

Claiming It's Territory

I think this guy might become a problem... I did stock up on birdseed so hopefully I will be updating this a little more than I have been. It literally takes a day and the feeder is empty. Those birds not half of the seed out onto the ground...

A Hawaiian Rooster

For some reason I wouldn't imagine a bunch of chickens and roosters running around in Hawaii, but apparently they do...

Humming Birds Galore!

A great video out of British Columbia, Canada. Makes me want to get a hummingbird feeder. These birds are truly amazing and this person that captured them did a great good job. It takes a while before any type of bird will give it's trust to a human and frankly I don't blame them....

The Rabid Squirrel

The Bird Feeder Is Working Out Quite Well... But Check Out This Little Guy!!
I Am Glad He Was On The Other Side Of The Glass!


Well as you can see I bagged myself another one... they really took to the feeder over the past few days. Today I must have seen 5 or 6 and that was just when I was watching : ) It is good to see that the pictures are coming out well, I was afraid that through the glass it might not pick up the detail in the shots, but as you can see it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

I know you can't really get a good look at the bird, but you are welcome to guess the species! Until next time...

My First Cardinal

Well it was actually the next day, just like I predicted... this little cardinal paid us a visit... He didn't stay for too long, just stopped by to say hi, but I saw him again today as well! It won't be long before we gain his trust... more pictures to come soon I hope!

I also invite everyone to send your bird pictures to us and we will proudly display them on the site along with a link to your site or just credit given if you so choose. Just look on the sidebar for more info!

A New Plan Of Attack

This feeder should work much better for getting pictures. It is attached directly to the door wall in my house by my computer. This way when a bird comes to the window I should be able to get a shot of it without scaring it away... time will tell I guess.

I know that I have seen many birds right outside of this very doorwall taunting me so I have a good feeling about this! The plants that you see in the background will fill in later this spring and flower in the summer... just wait it will be a spectacular display of color and a great background for the birds!

No birds today though... I guess you will just have to keep waiting patiently. I am sure they will catch on soon and this site will finally get a bit of action!

I Caught One

Visual proof that there actually are birds at this birdfeeder...

Ducks A Plently...

Hey they are still birds, but probably not the kind you were imagining being here! Special thanks to Photoholics Anonymous!

Iced Over

Sorry no bird's today... I still have to go to the store to pick up more bird seed, they are tricky little devils to try and take a close-up picture of. I am sure it will get easier as they become more accustom to my presence.

You can see more of the Ice Storm here!